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We all have stories that shape our lives.  Some are fact, others fiction, many a combination of both.  The most memorable among them share an amazing power to effect how we see the world.  

I cherish stories that entertain and challenge the reader all at once, and this is what I strive to achieve in my writing.   I love receiving feedback on how I can make my stories even more entertaining and enduring, and would appreciate hearing from you.  

Information about my two novels, God's Army and Babydust, are included below with links you can follow to learn more.  Links to my short stories are included here as well.  If you have a family story or personal experience and would like assistance capturing it for others to read, you can contact me at hawkinspress@gmail.com.  Thank you for visiting, and God Bless.



If a viral Internet message claimed an invasion of America was imminent, would anyone take it seriously? What if the creators of the message declared that the warning was from God? Would the government and media seek the truth, or dismiss the warning without investigation? Set in a post-terrorism, secular future world, God’s Army explores how social isolation and blind trust in the government and media could result in the downfall of our nation, leaving faith as our only hope for salvation.     








Babydust tells how one woman's choice can give a couple the opportunity to realize their lifelong dream. 

When Natalia Parsons, a junior in college, learns she is pregnant, her first reaction is to have an abortion.  Her boyfriend Seth agrees, but Natalia has second thoughts as the procedure draws near.  Amanda and David Pope have spent years attempting to conceive a child, and their failure threatens to destroy their relationship.  When an adoption agent named Gloria Sanchez connects them with Natalia, the Popes' dreams of parenthood seem closer than ever.  But when Seth tells Natalia he wants  to raise their child with her, she must make a choice that will change all of their lives forever.     

Cover art by Jeremy Smith

Now also available as a Kindle eBook